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Plug & Play Smart Trolley Kit for a frictionless checkout shopping experience while managing up/cross-selling opportunities and providing real-time analytics to retailers & brands to make key marketing and operational decisions to enhance the overall throughput of commercial stores and reduce operations expenses.


  • Overhead cost of retailers is their highest recurring expense
  • Traditional methods for retail data analytics are practiced
  • Advertisements by brands are generic to all customers
  • Customers are frustrated with shopping experience


Plug & Play Smart device with self check-out and fully integrated SaaS solution with the retailers to save time and money for both the brands and customers while reducing operational expenses.

60% reduction in overhead cost
10 months break-even on purchase & installation of device

Concise data points
Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics using Big Data

Targeted advertisements
Real time ads based on consumer shopping behavior

Self-checkout for frictionless shopping
No queues, Removing scanner overcharges, voice assistant


Sensor fusion platform consisting of ToF & Depth technologies to offer a scanless premium product using real-time object detection and recognition models.


Offering Plug & Play Smart Trolley Kits or Custom Smart Trolleys as per the store requirements

Voice Assistant for customers with product specific questions such as allergens, nutritional info, etc.


Analytics Dashboard and Integration API for brands & retailers with key performance metrics using predictive and prescriptive big data models


First Virtual Smart Trolley in the Metaverse by creating a new selling, marketing and engagement channel incorporated in the omnichannel experience


Targeted Ads curated from shopping analytics to get real time Ad conversions (API to AdExchanges)


Manual Barcode Scan
AI-powered Item recognition
Voice Assistant
Weigh-in Scale
On-screen Ads
In-store search & navigation
Integrated POS

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